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LEparagliding is a fortran program that reads a txt data file that completely defines the paraglider (leparagliding.txt), performs the calculations, and writes the results in the form of graphics (dxf) and text files. It's almost "magical"... because you write all the data in txt and the result are beautiful 2D and 3D dxf plans that completely define the project, and some files with list and reports. I like this system because it is the simplest and lightest, and works very well. That’s why I’ve always been reluctant to make a graphical interface, since I saw no interest in it. It's easier write the text file directly, and I reaffirm! :) Viewing, copying, and modifying blocks of data is also much easier and faster in the text version.

Nonetheless, it is true that is necessary a bit of abstraction to imagine what the outcome will be, after writing in a neat and strict format a lot of numbers in a text file. If a small format error is made, changing a "0" by an "O", a period by a comma, an integer to a real one, or indicating the incorrect length in a list, the program will not be able to read the file and will not give any result, resulting in frustrating experience. It is necessary to know very well the data structure. Also, the available documentation is a bit rough and sometimes not too clear.

This is why a graphical interface can be a clearer way to enter and select data. The structure of the interface itself can help us understand what is being done, adding small fixed or interactive sketches, notes with tips and reminders, and adding some internal functionality that seeks in the consistency of the data, or automatically propose some values.

Version programmed with the Python language is here https://github.com/stefanino-ch/lepg-py
The version in Python is the more recent, and is being developed by Stefan Feuz.
Latest version LEPG-3.19.1 (Windows, Linux, MAC), June 2023.

If you go to github : https://github.com/stefanino-ch/lepg-py you can now select what version you want to download.
- latest: that is where you will get latest and greatest, but sometimes maybe a little bin unfinished and buggy. This might be the right version to do preliminary tests.
- stable: less often updates, but developer try to keep this as stable as possible. This might be the right version of the user who want's to work without any worries.

- download the .zip file
- unpack
- change into the lepg folder
- execute lepg.exe
- Enjoy