1st Mono-surface single skin-schirm
paragliding design meeting Les Escaules

On 6 and 7 August  2013 there was a meeting between some designers / builders of single skin paragliders: Jeremy, Jean-Paul, and Pere. The venue was in the New Laboratori d'envol located in the small town of Les Escaules, 10 km northwest of the city of Figueres, in Catalonia. In a relaxed atmosphere was possible discuss future developments and projects in a single skin paragliders, combining some practice and theory.

There is a lot of developments to do!
Models in actual developement: BHL-2, BHL-JPS, and BHL-S

Image 1. BHL-JAP 25 m2 (left) and BHL 25m2 (right), together for the first time!

Image 2. Comparisons between BHL-JAP and BHL. The two prototypes are exactly alike,
except for minor adjustments in materials and lines.

Image 3. Jeremy and Jean-Paul talking about details.

Image 4. Pere test BHL-JAP in a small ramp, scratching herbs. Perfect!

5. Jeremy show us the JAP, and requested for more inclined and high ramps!

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