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Openglider is an advanced software for paraglider design made in Python, and embedded in FreeCAD. Openglider is planned for expansion by connecting to other open source advanced software such as OpenFoam, paraFEM, VTK, and others. The software is already usable for production, but lacks improved documentation, expanded interface, and other aspects, which require a lot of programming work.

LEparagliding is another advanced software for paraglider design with a very developed code. Is used by several paragliders and parachutes constructors. The program is written entirely in a single Fortran file and provides DXF plans almost ready for production. The program has no graphical interface, and the data must be written in a text file, strictly following the supported format, which makes it difficult for most users. Program continues in active development.

Developers of Openglider and LEparagliding have decided to collaborate to improve the programs and try their interaction and compatibility. A first idea is that LEparagliding could be a “backend” within Openglider. This means that Openglider could read and create LEparagliding formats, modify data, use (optionally) the LEparagliding calculation engine (which is very fast because it uses compiled Fortran code), and generate the DXF plans ready for production. Of course LEparagliding also benefits from having a complete GUI environment and future developments planned in Openglider.

It’s easy to think this, but not so easy to put into practice! We have analyzed the different data sections required for Openglider and LEparagliding, and while they are similar, they are not exactly the same and will require hard programming work to make the formats compatible and interchangeable.

A great advantage of this approach is that the general philosophy of Openglider and LEparagliding, do not need to change! LEparagliding must continue to evolve in the available options and the quality of the final plans, files and reports, following its classic style of writing a Fortran data file. And Openglider can continue its development by connecting with LEparagliding as backend, and the other planned developments.

We have started work to make this possible.

September 2020

Openglider 0.03
Figure 1. Openglider 0.03 screenshot