1. Basic concepts
2. Airfoil
3. 3D views
4. Plans (.png format)
5. CAD Drawings (.dwg format)

1. Basic concepts

The gnuEASY aims to show a very easy to design paraglider. Has only 2x11 cells. All the suspension lines (all) have the same length: 410 cm (M size). The lower panels are parallel-sided (many of them absolutely rectangular). The upper panels are tapered correspondingly, but many are the same. Glide ratio? enough. The gnuEASY question is ease and fun.

Two versions are planned. The gnuEASY "b" (basic), with lines without ramifications and odd cells without anchorage points (floating ribs). Version gnuEASY "a" (advanced), with branches and lines in all the ribs, with a little more performance.

The plans are available in three different sizes: S (21 m2), M (26 m2) and L (30 m2).

gnuEASY a - b
gnuEASY versions "b" (=basic) and "a" (=advanced)

gnuEASY airfoil and planform

2. GNUEASY airfoil

Taking Astroglider airfoil data (plane convex airfoil)

gnuEASY airfoil

gnuEASY.dat (XFOIL-XFLR5 coordinates format)

3. 3D views

4. Plans of the gnuEASY paraglider here in image format (.png)

gnuEASY S "Fun-speed-light pilot"

gnuEASY M "Classic"

gnuEASY L "Heavy pilot"

Easy speed glider: speedLAB 16

5. CAD .dwg format drawings and 3D model

gnuEASY-20090726.dwg.zip (latest version, includes "S" "M" and "L" sizes)

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