Simple Skin Paraglider models (circa 1992)

1. Various Simple Skin Paraglider models (and Cable-leading-edge HG model), circa 1992.
2. Various Simple Skin Paraglider models. Two lobe grey parawing in the middle.
3. Rectangular simple skin paraglider detail
3. Elliptical simple skin paraglider detail

I've seen the latest discussions about XXLite pgforum single skin and partially double surface
paraglider. I am very interested in the concept. Since 1999 I am trying to do
a simple surface paraglider, but so far have not succeeded. The closest I got
was the gnupwing (=GNU-NASA three lobes Parawing)


, and then the PampaCat (two lobes NASA Parawing).

Circa 1992, I also made several 1:11 scale models of various simple skin
paragliders with a rectangular and elliptical planform (some pictures above).

In any case, I'm looking to do my version of XXLite... probably gnuLite... From what I've seen so
far (only video) The XXlite concept is quite similar to David Barish
Sailwing, and subsequent replica by Francis Heilman in Saint Hilaire 2005.

The main differences are:

- Greater number of panels (or number of suported ribs)
- Elliptical planform like any other paraglider
- The size of the load triangles (greatly exaggerated in the Sailwing, and
very discreet in XXLite).

The Laboratory should study, a simple skin-partially double surface profile (mostly experimentally) and
then slightly modify  the LE paraglider design program to include more number of
branches in the lines, (now I can only include 4 levels of branches, but I
suspect that with these small load triangles, we must include greater number
of branches). The BarretinaHyperLite study has begun...!

Stability and collapse resistance of the single skin paragliders certainly
looks pretty small, acording my previous experiences.
Major advances in this field should be done, it seems that Ozone developers team
has achieved a good level :-) congratulations!.
Then, the advantages would be the light weight/volume and ease of construction.

Video and XXLite and discussion here: http://www.vimeo.com/29247558

Teià-Barcelona, 25th september 2011