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25 cells 13 m2 speed glider
GNUA13 design
GNUA13 Capbreton dunes de la pointe
GNUA13 en soaring dunes de la pointe de Capbreton (january 2017)


GNUA 13 is a new 25 cells 13 m2 speed glider designed and constructed by Eric Fontaine in Ondres, France.
The prototype
has been completed as of June 2016.

Technical data:

Cells number =  25
Flat area =  12.88 m2
Flat span =   7.00 m
Flat A/R =  3.81
Projected area =  11.34 m2
Projected span =   5.96 m
Projected A/R =  3.13
Flattening =    .12
Airfoil = gnuA
Wingtip airfoil=gnuat
True three rows design (A,B,C)
Lines design = A-2-6, B-3-9, C-2-6
Total line lenght = 127.5 m
This glider uses full continuous v-ribs (type 5)
lep-out.txt lines.txt leparagliding.dxf lep-3d.dxf
Eric plans, whith construction details and experimental adjustements: GNUA13-plans-EF.dxf

Update August 2018: Download all plans in PDF for easy printing in A4 mosaic, new set of lines calage 23%, lep-2.75
GNU13-2018 general info PDF



Video (october 2016):

January 2017:

Here is another prototype built in Belarus

LAB NOTE: Build a paraglider at home is a very complicated task , and requires many hours of work. Previous experience is required, and very inventive. As always remember that: The free flight implies risks that can only be known and they can be controled with a suitable formation on the part of a recognized school. Not test wings without knowing their functioning. The construction and test of experimental wings without certifying requires deep knowledge of what is being made.