gnu-A, or gnu "A",
is the new Laboratori paraglider at the beginning of 2015. As its name suggests, the desired level of difficulty will be "A" or "A-".

27 cells
4.3 moderate aspect ratio
27 m2 surface, large (M size)
% thicker profile "gnuA" based on gnuLAB3 airfoil
very stable

This glider is the one that I would fly at this time...!

Plans update: 2015-09-12:
Data input files: pre-data.txt  leparagliding.txt  gnua.txt  gnuat.txt
Output files: lep-out.txt  lines.txt
CAD DXF2000 files (complete plans): gnua-2D.dxf  gnua-3D.dxf

As always, the plans are delivered free ("of freedom") to be studied and copied for any purpose, to make a prototype, or even serial units. You may copy the design, improve it (or not), change the colors and/or the name, suited to your tastes.

It's easy to make a paraglider gnu-A? No. Perhaps easier than others, but to build a glider like gnu-A, it is necessary to be a paraglider specialist, and a real artist.

Figure 1: gnu-A 3D model

Figure 2. gnu-A plan view

Note: gnua.txt airfoil obtained from gnulab3.dat using new ac airfoil converter with these acdata.txt file.

Teiā, 8 February 2015

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LAB NOTE: Build a paraglider at home is a very complicated task , and requires many hours of work. Previous experience is required, and very inventive. As always remember that: The free flight implies risks that can only be known and they can be controled with a suitable formation on the part of a recognized school. Not test wings without knowing their functioning. The construction and test of experimental wings without certifying requires deep knowledge of what is being made.