1. Basic concepts
2. Plans

1. Basic concepts

gnuSTAR = Trainer-floater-fun Hang Glider

The gnuSTAR started with the idea of creating a better performing wing than the SPS, and much larger surface area. It retains the option of folding the wings very short (about 2.20 m), for easy transport and storage.

Although still in early stages of study, is considered to gnuSTAR an ideal surface of 24 m2. This surface creates a very slow flying wing, for training and fun with no wind or light wind. It may also be usable for a heavy pilot, maintaining adequate flight speeds.

Photo analysis: 1. Bicla Bergstar hang glider. 2. Analysis of contours. 3. Position of the keel in a vertical
4. Rotating 45 degrees. 5. Image scaling x = 1 y = 0.88. 6. Symmetry and initial model of study.

Frame analysis: WASP Falcon V versus Bicla Berstar

gnuSTAR frame

gnuSTAR keel

2. Plans

(In preparation)

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