1. Paragliding schools in Catalonia
2. Clubs, webs & blogs in Catalonia
3. Mountain paragliding & ECO-paragliding

4. Hang gliding in Catalonia and in the islands
5. International
Technical information of all wings of free flight
Builders, design, and data in web
8. Advanced technical information
9. Notes on paraglider design software

1. Paragliding schools in Catalonia

Albatros Parapent a Àger 
Volager Parapent a Àger
Volem Parapent a Berga
Parapent Espais Parapent a Berga 
Parapent Pirenaic Parapent a Organyà
Entrenuvols Parapent a Àger i altres zones. Cursos SIV .
Als Nuvols Parapent a Àger i altres zones
Parapent Passió Girona

Clubs, webs & blogs in Catalonia

Amics del vent Muntanya, parapent, Les Malloles, i altres
Som pas dingu (SPD) Som pas dingú
Parapent competició Per estar al dia de les competicions de parapent i la lliga catalana
Club Alioth Volar a Manresa i altres llocs
Alaireclub Tarragona
Club parapent Cap de Creus Zona de Girona
Equip de vol lliure L'equip de vol lliure
Canaldaparapent Canalda parapent
Parapent a Catalunya
Falcons de Bertí  Vallés oriental
Club Àger Vol Lliure Zona Àger
Catxadors de l'aire
Vessant Parapent
Zones de vol BT Interessant, amb plànol interactiu de la majoria de zones de vol
Zones de vol al voltant de Girona
Parapent lleuger

3. Mountain paragliding & ECO-paragliding
(Peak, Yeti, MT-8000, Kenya Expe, Huapi, AirlightII, Cima, Geo..)
Light material to fly and walk (in French)
Lightweight Gear for Mountain Hike-and-Fly Paragliding
Paraalpin.de  http://www.paraalpin.de/hersteller.htm (in German)

4. Hang gliding in Catalonia and in the islands

Club Icarus Delta a Girona. Referencies de zones també interessants per parapent.
Lliga ala delta Catalunya Lliga delta Catalunya

Club Vol Lliure Mallorca. HG in Mallorca
A Lanzarote http://www.aladelta.com

5. International webs
http://www.paraglidingforum.com Paragliding forum
The OZ Report Davis Straub reports
http://www.hgausa.com/ Lift

6. Technical information of all wings of free flight

Almost all the paragliders:
The "bible" of hang gliders: http://www.delta-club-82.com/bible/accueil-bible.php
Rigid wings: http://midtoad.homelinux.org/midwinter.ca/RigidWings/models.php

7. Builders, design, and data in web

- CZWings Aero-Velería Arero-sailmaker workshop and collaborator of Laboratori d'envol

- Mikel Sandlin ultralight gliders  x-gliders bug b4b2 goat pad hillhopper

- Laurent Zahn Le Spectre rigid wing

- Stephan Nitsch Otto Lilienthal hang gliders replicas

- Mitja Sersen website

- Francis Heilmann Sailwing 2005

- Paul Amiell pioner i dissenyador

- Roger Bedouet plànols simplificats de veles de parapent

- Roman Barthelemy speed-flying paragliders

- Octave Chanute gliding experiments (1897)

- The Popular Mechanics Glider (1909) by Carl S. Bates
Detaliled article. "How to buid a Glider" Chanute glider.

- Reinhold Platz Glider (1923) Article in Oz Report

- Sky Surfer Model 201 Manual. How to Make and Fly a 84º Standard HG... (From AHGA site)

- Jaan's Hang Glider page (plans for a "rogallo" hang glider). Link lost?

- The Dickenson wing MK-1 replicas

- Volmer Jensen VJ-11 biplane rigid wing photos plans

8. Advanced technical information

1) "La simulation numérique appliquée à la conception des parapentes".
 Pierre Puiseux / Nervures.
 2) "Le parapente en équations", Jérôme Sarthe / Nervures. Very
 3) Olivier Caldara / Bio Air Technologies
 Les cours d'Olivier Caldara dans Vol libre
 5) Paraglidingforum.com "Research & Technology"
 http://www.paraglidingforum.com/viewforum.php?f=36 Wink
 6) Kites design, but with information useful also for paragliders
 design http://foilivier.free.fr/fr/index.htm
7) Projectarea computationala a parapantei da scoala
 Difficult to understand due to be written in Romanian and in advanced
 mathematical language.

8) Scientific-Technical Center "OZON"
The paraglider computer-aided design guide: http://www.mtu-net.ru/mosseev/CAD/guide.htm
Tecnical paper paraglider CAD design: http://www.mtu-net.ru/mosseev/CAD/paper.doc

9) Martin Hepperle Airfoils: Designing an Airfoil

  (paraglider airfoils MH91 MH92 MH 93 and hang glider MH 78)

10) Airfoils

11) XFOIL Design and analysis of subsonic isolated airfoils:
http://raphael.mit.edu/xfoil/ (GNU General Public License)

12) Sources of Aeronautical Information http://www.pdas.com/aeroinfo.htm

9. Notes on paraglider design software

Single Skin by Nikolay Rainsiv  http://sourceforge.net/projects/singleskin/

Conception de voilures souples sous Autocad

LT Paraglide   Rasso von Schlichtegroll

FlyCAD FD Michael Nesler
Independence, Swing, Firebird, Edel, Perche, Airea, Wings of Change, Windtech

Independence design

Karel Vrbensky 'PG Design' for MAC PARA (no link)

NOVA computational fluid dynamics CFD

Meliar design software

Paragliders, designed by man or machine? by Bruce Goldsmith

Wingdesignsotware (kites & paragliders)

Surfplan http://www.surfplan.com.au/sp/