New Hybird Glider

by Thierry Blanc (Switzerland)

Rigid Paraglider Wing (2019)
New Hybird Glider (2013):

We depart from shape of the Swift.

The wing is made of cloth, stabilized by thin carbon rods (tcr) that cover 75% of length the surface to give shape to the wing (i.e. to give it the typical wing shape) . The thin rods are sawn in permanently. (img 671)

The other axis of the wing isstabilized by strong carbon rods (MR) that can be taken out. (img 671)
The wing can only be folded in one direction, like an accordion (because of the sawn in tcr).

The position of the MR is in the front part of the wing where the forces are strongest, similar to a bird's wing.

The wing will not hold itself by the MR but by additional strings. There will be just few strings as the carbon rods give the shape and distribute the forces.

Small air inlets on the bottom side might improve the shape further.

The position of the pilot is think will be about a one meter below the wing. The harness, contrary to the Swift or Millennium, will be an adapted paragliding harness. The feed will be supported, i.e. the feed can rest!

Thought about conventional para shape (cure) compared to bird shape:

The bird shape has 2:1 strong lift areas, the single curve shape 1:2, so the bird shape seems much better. In additon the bird shape should stabilize itself, the para shape being just stabilized by low centre of gravity. (img 670 , 673). (not sure, however, if the bird shape is just the para shape split in the middle and swapped ...)

Image 670

Image 671

Image 673